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Product Name:Solar PV Power System
Product Detailed:

Solar PV Power System

1. Principle of PV Power Generation

2. Solar Power Generation System (On-grid)

3. Solar Power Generation System (Off-grid) with storage battery

4. 太阳能发电系统中主要设备
Main Equipment
晶体硅电池组件 Solar Cell Module 
光伏阵列防雷汇流箱 Lightning Protection Solar Array Combiner 
直流防雷汇流箱 DC Lightning Protection Combiner 
交流防雷汇流箱 AC Lightning Protection Combiner 
逆变器 Inverter 
蓄电池 Storage Battery 
控制器 Controller 
变压器 Transformer 
开关柜 Switch Cabinet 
计量显示器 Meter Regulator 
防雷接地系统 Lightning Protection And Grounding System 
环境监测仪  Environment Supervision Instrument 
光伏支架系统 Solar Cell Bracket 
各电压等级电缆等 Cables
  Add:31F, Chuanxin Mansion, #18, Sec 2, Renmin South Road, Chengdu, P. R. China.  Tel:86-28-62730710 62730711    
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