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Product Name:CNC Lathe
Product Detailed:

CNC Vertical Lathe,CNC Vertical Machining Center,CNC Milling Machine,CNC Drilling Machine

1. .main specification
1.1 Max turning diameter                            8000mm
1.2 Table diameter                                 4000mm
1.3 Max turning diameter from railhead to center         4000mm
1.4 Max height of workpiece                         3150mm
1.5 Max weight of workpiece                         50t
1.6 Max cutting force of railhead                      50KN 
1.7 Max tool bar section of railhead                    50mm
1.8 Max torque of table                              125KN.m                 
table speed step                                 stepless
1.9 Table speed range 
   turning (two steps stepless)range                   0.5—50r/min
1.10 Feed rate of turning railhead (X, Z) (stepless)       0.1-2000mm/min
1.11 Railhead travel   horizontal (X axis)              2150mm
                   vertical (Z axis)                 1600mm
1.12 Rapid travel of railhead                          4000mm/min
1.13 Crossrail travel                                 2000mm
1.13 Elevating speed of crossrail                       228mm/min
1.14 Travel of column                               2250mm
1.15 Column moving speed                           200mm/min
1.16 Main motor power                              75kw
1.17 Motor power for crossrail elevation                 18.5kw
1.18 A.C servo motor torque of feed                    42N.m
1.19 Motor power of column motion                    7.5KW
1.20 CNC system: SIEMENS 840D


CNC Milling Machine


CNC Drilling Machine



Horizontal Lathe
  Add:31F, Chuanxin Mansion, #18, Sec 2, Renmin South Road, Chengdu, P. R. China.  Tel:86-28-62730710 62730711    
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